Board of Directors

The Bear River Land Conservancy Board of Directors stands on the Lakota Preserve on the west shore of Bear Lake, May 8, 2017. From left: Dave Rayfield, Brenda Meikle, Crista Sorenson, Michael Taylor (Emeritus), Glen Busch, Nathan Hult, Mark Brunson, Steve Daniels, Bryce Nielson, Bryan Dixon.

Our directors are diverse. We are:

  • Teachers with a passion for the outdoors.
  • Scientists who assure that the restoration work we do is sound.
  • Public officials with the public’s best interests at heart.
  • Sportsmen, who value our public recreation.
  • Conservationists.

We are united by our common vision: that the lands we call home will remain productive, beautiful, and healthy, so that our children and our children’s children can share our love of the lands we call home.


Our Board

  • Chairman – Bryce Nielson: Former mayor of Garden City, UT for twelve years. Former Rich County commissioner. Former owner of Cisco’s Landing at the Bear Lake State Marina. Over thirty years’ experience as a research biologist at Bear Lake for Utah Wildlife Resources. Board member of Bear Lake Watch. Bryce also serves as the Rich County Emergency Manager.
  • Vice-Chair – Brenda Meikle: Partner Mt. Naomi Farms LLC. Founder and owner Mt. Naomi Vineyard and U-Pick. Innovative businesswoman and active in local agricultural and community programs. Brenda also leads up our Public Outreach committee.
  • Secretary – Glen Busch: Avid outdoorsman. Environmental planner and cartographer at BIO-WEST, Inc in Logan, Utah. Master’s Degree from Utah State University in Bioregional Planning. Member of several local nonprofit organizations involved with trails, non-motorized recreation, sustainability, and environmental education. Participates in community visioning processes, agricultural preservation, and open space preservation.
  • Treasurer – Crista SorensonM.S. in Plant Science from Utah State University with emphasis in Sustainable Systems and Outrech. Living in Logan since 2009, Crista has a passion for local agriculture and food, and as a mother cares about the environment she will leave for her children. “My grandfather grew up in Smithfield. As a child we would often visit Logan Canyon and Bear Lake for large family get-togethers. I worry that much of this beautiful valley is going to be developed as the family farms die out.”
  • Mark Brunson: Professor in the College of Natural Resources at Utah State University. Conducting research on the role of human activities on desert and rangeland ecology. Previously worked with land trusts in Oregon and Montana prior to moving to Logan in 1992. Founding member of BRLC.
  • Steve Daniels: Professor in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Utah State University. Community Development Specialist in University extension. Steve is an avid sporstman, and his expertise with natural resource conflict management is an enormous boon to BRLC.
  • Bryan Dixon: Environmental consultant, former president of Bridgerland Audubon Society, a founder of Stokes Nature Center, participant in numerous local planning and envisioning efforts. Founding member of BRLC, and former Acting Director.
  • Nathan Hult: Retired attorney, a founder and past chairman of the board of directors of the Stokes Nature Center. Nathan has been influential in the founding and startup of several nonprofit organizations in the area, including BRLC.
  • Dave Rayfield: Entrepreneur, sportsman, small business owner, trails and outdoor recreation proponent, chairman of Cache County Critical Lands Task Force and the 2008 Proposition 1 Open Space Initiative for Cache County. Dave has been fighting for land conservation in Cache Valley for two decades. Founding member of BRLC.



  • Nat Frazer
  • Keith Meikle
  • Wendell Morse
  • Jay Nielson
  • Laraine Swenson
  • Michael Taylor
  • Paul Willie


Interested in joining our board? Please contact us.