Our organization exists because of countless hours of volunteer work. If we are going to continue adding projects, coordinating volunteers, and protecting land, we need your help!

We have just finished working with a professional consulting firm to develop a mapping tool that will allow us to pinpoint which lands are valuable and why. This tool will help us prioritize projects so that we can make the most of your generous donations.


Future projects include:

  • Land protections on more properties.

  • Continued stewardship of the lands we manage.

  • Public outreach campaigns.


We appreciate our donors, and recognize them at several levels:

Stewards of the Land • $2,500+

Land Benefactors • $1000+

Land Patrons • $500+

Land Sustainers • $250+

Land Savers • $100+

Friends of the Land • <$100


To donate, please send checks to:

Bear River Land Conservancy
P.O. Box 4565
Logan, UT 84323-4565

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