Bear River Bottoms Fence Day

Volunteer opportunity!

We have spent much of this year working on a new fence project. The fence is important because we would like to keep a neighbor’s cows from treading on the sensitive wetland areas protected by our Bear River Bottoms conservation easement, important to many different species of birds, as well as for providing flood protection and water filtration.

Volunteers should bring full length clothing as well as lunch and water. BRLC will provide safety equipment and some light snacks. We will meet in the Caffe Ibis parking lot, and carpool to the work site, located along the Bear River near Trenton, Utah.

*Updated time* November 11, 11 am (meet at Ibis’ parking lot, northeast corner of Federal and Church in Logan). We plan to leave the Bear River Bottoms no later than 4 pm, and be back in Logan by 5.

Thanks to wonderful volunteers, the H-braces are built and the t-posts are placed. We now need your help to string the wire and pound the t-posts in. Please invite your friends, and let’s get this done!

If you would like, please RSVP on Facebook.